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RTV Coating - One & Two parts silicone coating

High Voltage Insulator Coating is a one-part, room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) polysiloxane (silicone) high solids coating. Hydrophobicity is a key characteristic in Room Temperature Vulcanization of silicone rubber (RTV) coating.  It is engineered to provide a highly hydrophobic surface for its entire life, thus limiting leakage current and preventing flashovers due to insulator contamination. The high solids content of the material not only reduces the time required to build the desired film thickness, but also exceeds VOC requirements of most jurisdictions.

Main features:

  • Superior retention of hydrophobicity, Reduced leakage currents, ensuring a tremendously long life span.
  • Superior arcing and flashover protection.
  • Extended maintenance intervals for ceramic, porcelain, or glass insulators.
  • Lower maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Minimized equipment problems and failures.

Property Value
Basic Component  HVIC, RTV Silicone coating containing Alumina Tri Hydrate (ATH) 
Type  One-Part, RTV
Appearance  Paint 
Specific Gravity(g/cm³) 1.10 to 1.25 
Application Temperature Range  5℃ to 60℃ 
Skin Over time at 25 ºC and 50% relative humidity (25 ºC,50%)  15 minutes 
Track free time at 25 ºC and 50% relative humidity (25 ºC,50%)  15 to 45 minutes 
Percent of Solids by weight  ≥ 70% 
Dynamic Viscosity, cp (centipoise)  1000 to 3500 
The RTV Silicone Rubber HVIC shall have the following properties as cured at standard conditions (i.e. 25 ºC temperature and 50% relative humidity) after seven (7) days: 
Method of Application  Spray/Dip 
Coating Thickness  380 micron, minimum 
Dielectric Strength (ASTM D149)  350 to 560 V/mil, minimum 
Volume Resistivity (ASTM D257)  1x1014 to 37x1014 
Dissipation Factor at 100Hz (ASTM D150)(100HZ)  0.01 to 0.09 
Tracking Wheel Withstand  1000 hours, minimum 
Receding Water Contact Angle  >80 degrees, minimum 
Dry Arc Resistance  180 to 200 , Track Seconds 
Tracking & Erosion Resistance (IEC 60587)  Minimum grade 1A 4.5 
Loss Tangent  <0.6% 
Warranty Period  10years minimum from date of application. No preventive maintenance shall be required during the period. 
※ 2 mm, cured 14 d at 23 °C and 50 % RH. ※ These figures are only intended as a guide and should not be used in preparing specifications. 

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